About me

Michael Genesini

My name is Michael Genesini. I'm Italian and as per the stereotype I love pizza. Well, maybe a little bit more than the average considering I got it tattooed on my sleeve.

I'm definitely an introvert (INFP-A) and I struggle to get to know new people because of it, but I really love to get meaningful mental connections with other human beings.

I've been working professionally in the software industry since 2015, overlapping for some months with my master's degree in computer science engineering. In 2021 I started my journey as Engineering Manager which I fell in love with 😍

When I'm not working, I do outdoor activities. Mainly walking and hiking on the marvelous Orobie mountains, but also bouldering and slacklining. I tend to try a lot of different hobbies because I get quickly excited about new things. To name a few: playing board games with friends, learning Arabic and Portuguese, learning Go (Weiqi), playing Djembè, tending a terrarium.

I'm a super slow reader and I have a hard time keeping consistency on my reading pace. I'm trying now to schedule specific moment of my day for that, and I avoid having hard goals for "number of books" to relieve the stress of being so slow.

I also struggle with keeping a personal knowledge base for the things I read. I would really love keeping a Zettelkasten but I haven't found a good workflow yet.

I meditate every day 🧘